Stakeholder status is most highly valued, asks more but returns the most in terms of benefits to include influencing content, program direction, growth and expansion.

As Stakeholders, individuals or companies are listed on all on and off-line program and promotional media including company logos and inks, contact information, bios and more.  They are cited twice during the program as a stakeholder and for their contributions of expertise.

Stakeholders appear on BWiR once monthly – more often as appropriate.  Stakeholders invest financially in the program and in exchange receive the recognition previously noted, host personal endorsement message placement inside the program and included in all podcasts of the program.  Stakeholders are cited in all BWiR promotional videos and over-the-air promos.

To continue BWiR growth and expansion, stakeholders also utilize their resources to help market and promote BWiR via their professional and social networks, to their clientele, and weekly ‘likes’, shares and re-posting of BWiR videos and podcasts.


– One Host Voiced, Personal Endorsement, :60 Second Message per Broadcast
– Monthly Appearances on BWiR, More Frequently as Occasions Arise
– Citations in Program, Segment and Break Openings and Closings
– Citations in :30 Second Weekday Show Promotional Announcements (15/week)
– Citations in Program Guide Page on KRDO Website
– Web Banners, Links and Full Stakeholder Page on BWiR Podcast Site
– Citations in Other Station Provided Advertising and Promotional Venues and Platforms
– Usage Rights of Program Audio Content
– Program Podcast Posted to KRDO and BWiR Podcasts Pages Weekly
– Citations in Weekly Program Promotion Facebook Graphic or Video Post
– Weekly Live Mentions of Program by KRDO Radio Morning News Anchors
– Exclusivity in Industry Category – Positioned as the Region’s Leader and SMA in Your Category
– Option/First Right of Refusal to Renew
– Consideration as Subject Matter Authority for KRDO News Stories as Appropriate
– Bi-Annual Business Connection Interview (more frequently as opportunities arise)
– Agreement length:  12 months

In support of the program and companion Stakeholders, Partners and Advertisers, Stakeholder agrees to leverage applicable on-line and off-line resources, networks, etc., to promote the program each week.  Examples include social posting on-line e.g.: Facebook and LinkedIn, inclusion in e-newsletters, blogs, articles, videos, marketing collateral, print materials and similar.

We encourage you to contact Business Week in Review host, Jeff Beauprez, or Executive Producer, Ted Robertson, to discuss the details.

More Information

BWiR Host, Jeff Beauprez
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BWiR Executive Producer, Ted Robertson
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