About The Business Hour

The Show

The Business Hour is a weekly, one-hour, magazine format radio program delivering news, information and resources to new and existing businesses.   Our goal is to provide support and encouragement to the region’s business community and to contribute to a vibrant and thriving economy.

Our Partners

The Business Hour is powered by a unique collaboration of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center and the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

Our Sponsors

TBH is sponsored by Terry Doherty and Doherty Law Firm, P.C., and, Robin Roberts and Pikes Peak National Bank.

Our Contributors

PikesPeakSmallBiz.com, Pikes Peak Work Force Center, Better Business Bureau, National Cybersecurity Center, National Cyber Exchange, Summit Economics, Pikes Peak Library District, Business Truths Consulting, Lauren Shock, John Hazlehurst, Andrew Hershberger Creative, University of Colorado Colorado Springs and many more.

Web and IT Support

Web hosting for The Business Hour is provided by Fairlane Web Consulting
IT and cyber-security support is provided by Colorado Networks/Evanics

Our Host

Ted Robertson holds a position as Senior Account Executive at KDRO Newsradio, a division of the family owned News Press and Gazette Co (NPGCO). His role includes radio and digital marketing and advertising sales. He hosts two radio programs and serves as substitute host for a live weekday news program as requested. He has committed much of his volunteer time to service and support of the business community in the Pikes Peak region. This has included co-hosting a business themed radio program and serving the Chamber of Commerce as Ambassador and subsequently leading Chamber volunteers providing a range of business services and support. On occasion, he serves as panel moderator, business event emcee or gives talks to various groups on marketing, advertising, networking and other topics. Your questions and inquiries are invited. Contact information is included.

Ted Robertson

KRDO Newsradio 105.5 FM 1240 AM 92.5 FM

HOST | The Business Hour
(719) 575-6309 – Direct


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Our ‘Ultimate Aim’

The ultimate aim of The Business Hour in bringing together the organizations and enterprises established to serve and support business is to promote economic vitality in the Pikes Peak region as in our tag:   “Business Collaboration for Economic Vitality”.

The Business Hour airs Saturdays at 1:00 on KRDO Newsradio 105.5 FM, 1240 AM and 92.5 FM

As The Business Hour grows, the program will branch out into the community in venues extending beyond the broadcast studio to include events, panel discussions, town halls, networking activities and more.

The Business Hour is built to support and encourage economic vibrancy and a thriving business community.

We look forward to supporting you as you support us by listening to the weekly broadcast and becoming patrons of our sponsors and advertisers!


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