Please note:  The December 2, broadcast of The Business Hour represents the final over-the-air version of the program.  TBH is hopeful that we will return in the more easily accessible form of podcasting in the first quarter of 2018.


December 2, 2017 – Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC

Coming up this week The Business Hour features the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC.

Join Ted Robertson and Patrice Lehermeier, Vice President of Communications for the Chamber for a discussion of several topics ranging from workforce and economic development to travel, tourism, commerce, legislative activities and more.

All of our special features along the way including the Pikes Peak Work Force Center, Employers Update; The City Sage with John Hazlehurst; National Cyber Exchange, Weekly Cyber-Brief; Better Business Bureau, Beat on the Street and, our newest feature, Business Law Matters featuring Terry Doherty, Principal at Doherty Law Firm.

The Business Hour Airs Saturdays at 1:00 on KRDO Newsradio 105.5 FM   1240 AM   92.5 FM

The Business Hour is a weekly, one-hour, magazine format radio program produced by KRDO Newsradio and powered by a unique collaboration of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center, Colorado Springs Business Journal.

TBH is sponsored by Pikes Peak National Bank and Doherty Law Firm.

The Broadcast Schedule

Our four partners each present once monthly.   The Chamber and EDC leads the lineup in the first week of the month; the Better Business Bureau follows in the second week; the Small Business Development Center airs the third week and the Colorado Springs Business Journal anchors the lineup in the fourth week.   Once per quarter, all of the partners and sponsors gather for a group broadcast featuring news, highlighting new developments, events, favorite show moments, guests and more.

What’s in the Show

The Business Hour presents news, information and resources for new and existing businesses.   Our goal is to point the way to resources and support, and to encourage the region’s business community to grow, expand, add jobs and ultimately to contribute more to a vibrant and thriving economy.

To that end, there are four main segments and several special features in each broadcast.   Our partners populate the first three segments and participate in a panel discussion in the fourth segment.   Our special features are provided by our TBH contributors, air weekly and include an employers update from the Pikes Peak Work Force Center; the City Sage with John Hazlehurst; the Weekly Cyber-Brief presented by the National Cybersecurity Center and National Cyber Exchange; the BBB’s Weekly Beat on the Street and culminate with The Small Business Question of the Week which kicks off the panel discussion in the fourth segment of every broadcast.

We’ll spotlight small businesses and showcase the region’s long-standing legacy businesses and brands as well.   TBH will also include the start-up/entrepreneurial; young professional; social enterprise; women’s professional community and more.

We invite you to expand your business horizons!   Join us every Saturday afternoon at 1:00 on KRDO Newsradio 105.5 FM   1240 AM   92.5 for The Business Hour.

From all of us to all of you, we thank you!


Ted Robertson
TBH Partners, Sponsors and Contributors


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